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A Time to Heal  Church House Publishing, 2000

     Report for the House of Bishops. An excellent document with practical guidelines and resources. Produced for the Church of England but with much that is applicable ecumenically. A summary containing the main recommendations and guidelines is also available.


Healing  Francis MacNutt, Hodder & Stoughton, 1996

     One of the best general books on the subject. An excellent introduction.


Jesus Healing Works and Ours Ian Cowie, Wild Goose Publications, 2000

     Ian gives an exposition of all the references to healing in the New Testament from which he draws helpful and practical guidelines for the ministry of healing today. A great reference for preachers and teachers.


Healing Dreams  Russ Parker, SPCK

Healing Wounded History Russ Parker, DLT, 2001 (there is also a workbook)

Healing Death’s Wounds  Michael Mitton and Russ Parker, Arcadia , 2002

Free To Fail  Russ Parker, Triangle SPCK, 1992

Forgiveness is Healing Russ Parker, Daybreak, 1993

*Healing and Evangelism Russ Parker and Roy Lawrence, Triangle, SPCK, 1996

     A very refreshing author – highly recommended. Russ is the Director of Acorn Christian Foundation


Wild Beasts and Angels  Michael Mitton, DLT, 2000

     Excellent book on staying real in the healing ministry.


Power Healing  John Wimber, Hodder & Stoughton, 1986

     A charismatic view.  Well worth reading, nothing like as simplistic as some may think.


*A Question of Healing: The reflections of a doctor and a priest Gareth Tuckwell and David Flagg, Eagle, 2000

     This book is based on the magazine articles written during their time on the staff at Burrswood. Praying for a friend with cancer in the Resource Section is an example.


Pathways to Wholeness  Roger Hurding, Hodder & Stoughton ,1998

     A comprehensive course book on pastoral care. Roger is a doctor and psychotherapist who writes from a conservative evangelical standpoint.


*Coping With Illness  Roger Hurding

     Excellent book on positive reactions to illness and death.


Health, Healing and Wholeness Howard Booth, Kevin Mayhew, 2002

     A retired Methodist minister offers a helpful survey of the development and some of the key issues in the healing ministry.


When I was in Hospital, You visited me  Simon Wilson, Grove Pastoral Series P88, 2001

     A helpful introduction to hospital visiting and care for the sick

Emotional Wholeness

God's Catalyst  Rosemary Green, Hodder & Stoughton

     A very good book on Prayer Counselling that includes many helpful examples.


Emotional Healing Sue Rose, Grove Books Renewal Series R16, 2004

     An up-to-date, accessible, sensible and practical introduction. Highly recommended.


Forgiving God Judith Crane, Grove Books Spirituality Series S90, 2004

     The title has a delightful double meaning. The booklet explores spirituality issues for those (all of us) who come up against the memory of painful events.


Growing Leaders James Lawrence , CPAS & BRF, 2004

     This book focuses on the development of Christian leaders. There are numerous connections with the healing ministry, not least in the section on vocation and character.


The Healing Presence  Leanne Payne, Kingsway

Restoring The Christian Soul  Leanne Payne, Baker House, USA (Kingsway edition out of print)

     These are excellent, if somewhat demanding, books on emotional and spiritual wholeness.


The Broken Image  Leanne Payne, Baker House, USA (Kingsway edition out of print)

     Good on sexual wholeness.  Easy to read.


Dennis, Sheila and Matthew Linn are prolific Roman Catholic authors. Much of their writing is very helpful, especially for emotional wholeness and healing of memories.



Holy Listening: the Art of Spiritual Direction Margaret Guenther, DLT, 1992

     An excellent book for all who accompany others on their spiritual journeys.


Listening Anne Long, DLT, 1990

A Heart to Listen Michael Mitton, BRF 2004

     Anne and Michael have both been leaders of the Acorn Christian Listeners programme and have much practical wosdom to share. A variety of very valuable listening courses are available from Acorn Christian Foundation (01420 478121).

Deliverance from Evil

The Ministry of Deliverance Dominic Walker, DLT, 1997

     A brief and helpful introduction.


Deliverance Michael Perry, SPCK, 1996

     A useful resource book based on good Anglican practice


*But Deliver Us From Evil  John Richards, DLT, 1974

     A classic on the Christian response to evil.


*The Occult  Russ Parker, IVP, 1989





Worship and Prayer

Common Worship: Pastoral Services CHP, 2000

     For the official Anglican healing services and prayers. Additional useful material can be found in New Patterns for Worship CHP, 2003


Prayers For Health and Healing  SPCK, 2000

     A helpful book of prayers (see also the books by John Gunstone).


Praying for the Dawn Ruth Burgess and Kathy Galloway, Wild Goose, 2000

     A useful resource book for the ministry of healing. Other Iona Community worship resources include much helpful material related to both personal and global healing.


*Prayers and Ideas for Healing Services Ian Cowie, Wild Goose, 1995

     A book with sound advice and helpful material largely drawn from experience with the Iona Community.


The Laying on of Hands and Anointing Carolyn Headley, Grove Worship Series W172, 2002

     A very helpful booklet on the Biblical and medical background to touch in healing with excellent guidelines for the exercise of these ministries today.

Other Courses and Teaching Material

In Search of Wholeness Parker, Fraser & Rivers

     A practical training course jointly developed by Acorn Christian Foundation and St. John’s College , Nottingham .  Can be used for self-study or part of a distance learning programme.  Includes excellent material on hospital/sick visiting, disability and tackling some of the hard questions.  A very good follow-up to this course. Available from St. John’s Extension Studies (0115-925 1117), Acorn Christian Foundation (01420 478121) or the Diocesan Resource Centre.


Growing a Healing Ministry

     A five-session introductory course from the Acorn Christian Foundation (01420 478121). Suitable for use in a variety of church settings.


Saints Alive! Healing in the Church (second edition, 2002)

     A 9 session course designed for small groups with a Leaders Manual and participant’s Link-Work Book. This is a wide-ranging basic course that is easy to lead. Especially suitable for churches open to charismatic renewal. Available from ReSource 01235 553722.


The Beta Course

     “Being Christian, Becoming Whole, Building Community.” A new video-based 10 session course linking Christian faith, personal development and pastoral care. Produced by the Psychology and Christianity Project, University of Cambridge . See


Wholeness and Healing

     A ten-session course for use in small groups. Very good resource to enable groups to learn from one another. Produced by Canon John Goodchild, Training Team Leader for the Diocese of Norwich (01603 611196)


Only Say the Word John Davies, Canterbury Press, 2002

     Subtitled When Jesus brings healing and salvation, this book contains 15 interactive Bible studies for small groups. As well as having useful content on the healing ministry, this book provides a practical method that could revitalise home-group Bible Studies.


Speaking of Healing Christopher Gower, SPCK, 2003

     A book based on the author’s experience at St Marylebone parish church and his dissertation on preaching and healing




Unless indicated otherwise, these books may be obtained from:


Chelmsford Diocesan Resource Centre, 53 New Street, Chelmsford CM1 1AT. 

Telephone 01245 294405. Email 



Sadly, the books marked  * are now out of print. Copies may be available second-hand, for example through